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01. RockRoll I gave you the best years of my life
02. Night Rider
03. Over the Hills and Far Away

04. Bonnie please don't go

05. Shaney Boy.mp3
06. Man of the 20th Century
07. Grab the money and run.mp3

08. Taking the long road home.mp3

09. Paraguayan Sunset.mp3

10. Scotty.mp3

11. The next plane to New Mexico.mp3

12. Kedron Brook.mp3

13. Someday Sam.mp3

13a. Reasons.mp3

14. I came to Somerset.mp3

15. Stay and dance the night away.mp3
16. New York City.mp3

17. Woman you took my life.mp3

18. He was just a boy.mp3

19. Iridescent Shadows.mp3

20. The young Vaqueros.mp3

21. The sense of it all.mp3

22. The last of the latin lovers..mp3

23. The lights of the distant harbour.mp3

24. Sometime Bigtime.mp3

25. Love knows where to find you.mp3

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Kevin Johnson on Dutch TV 2015:

"What Will We Do?" (When the Well Runs Dry):

"Oleanders" An American Civil War Love Story:

"The Whales are singing to me (A Whaler's Lament)" :

  • "What Will We Do", "Oleanders" and The Whales are singing to me from "Songs from a Troubled World". Click here to purchase.





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 Night Rider

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