Great Show

Johnson says introducing one of his own songs: “some songs go deeply into your personality and some go deeply into your soul”. If one can say that each song by this man touches you in this way then it is fair to say that the guy himself in his total output is capable of touching you. It’s hard to believe that he once displayed a total disinterest in music when his mother tried to teach him to play the violin. The music of Kevin Johnson is best summed up in the line of the song which took me to his talent in the first place because as the song says his music can take you “running chasing after better things, the laughter of another day”.

I wouldn’t like someone to tell you on Sunday morning next that you missed a great show by a great artist and I suggest that you go along and see the guy live and then re-live his pictures of life through his two albums “Rock and Roll” (recommended) and “Man of the 20th Century” with a third, “Journeys”, coming in the Autumn.

Johnson is appearing at the Fountain Blue on Saturday night and in Athlone on the following Tuesday night, 13th March.