A selection of Kevin Johnson recordings.

  • Rock & Roll I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life
  • Night Rider
  • Over The Hills And Far Away
  • Bonnie Please Don’t Go
  • Shaney Boy
  • Man Of The 20th Century
  • Grab The Money And Run
  • Taking The Long Road Home
  • Paraguayan Sunset
  • Scotty
  • The Next Plane To New Mexico
  • Kedron Brook
  • Someday Sam
  • A Whaler’s Lament (The Whales Are Singing To Me)
  • Dreams
  • Life At The Crossroads
  • Ready To Roll
  • Reasons
  • I Came To Somerset
  • Stay And Dance The Night Away
  • New York City
  • Woman You Took My Life
  • He Was Just A Boy
  • Iridescent Shadows
  • The Young Vaqueros
  • The Sense Of It All
  • The Last Of The Latin Lovers
  • The Lights Of The Distant Harbour
  • Sometime Bigtime
  • Love Knows Where To Find You
  • River Of No Return
  • The Spirits Of Old Sydney Town
  • The Sun Will Shine Again
  • What Will We Do (When The Well Runs Dry)